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Racing Background

We have been actively involved in car-racing since 1978, having obtained numerous awards.

 Spare Parts

Our store showcases a full availability of spare parts, brand new and used ones, for all car types.

 Service & Repairs

Our state-of-the-art privately-owned facilities provides for the optimum level of service and repair for your car.


Company Profile

Being around cars since our early younghood, they became our passion, which led to be the first to manufacture 5-speed gearboxes for Mini Austin cars back in 1980.

After obtaining the patent, we have been invited for a demonstration at the manufacturing factory in Longbridge, England; and while entering the factory, we saw the door of the great Greek engineer, Sir Alex Isigonis.

As years passed by, we set up a partnership with MAZDA in 1989; currently, we own an exclusive MAZDA car service point, in our privately-owned facilities.

Having many car races with various models under our belt since 1977, we searched and brought to Greece one of two 323Fs 2000CC, made in England, with 24-valve engine, sequential 6-speed gearbox, atmospheric engine with up to 285 HP; this is one of our crown jewels and makes the perfect choice for the track races we participate into.

Nowadays, in our fully equipped service garage, we have a large variety of new and used MAZDA spare parts.

One may also find a huge number of Europe-originated spare parts for other car models as well.

As for your car’s SERVICE, our company’s quality of work remains always top-notch.